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How to Get Ballroom Dancing is Making a Good Wave

Ballroom Dancing is Making Waves
Until recently, ballroom dancing often brought about mental images of elderly couples dancing two inches from their walkers. However, in recent years, ballroom dancing has developed a new, hipper, sexier image and people of all ages are standing up and paying attention.

Movies such as Strictly Ballroom and Shall We Dance have contributed greatly to the newer kinder image that ballroom dancing is developing in the United States. As an art form, ballroom dance is a beautiful sight to behold. Particularly when watching those participate on a competitive level. 

Because of the rigorous training that is involved in competitive ballroom dancing, many couples that participate often consider this to be a sport more than a style of dance or manner of artistic expression. The term DanceSport is often used in reference to ballroom dancing in the International Style. 

 There are many styles of dance that fall under the banner of ballroom dancing. Some of these dances …

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